Sunday, 29 March 2009

Castle Square

This beautiful card was sent by Sylwie, from Poland.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. It is known as the "phoenix city" because it was completely destroyed during World War II and rebuilt with the heroic effort of polish citizen.

The card shows Castle Square, an important part of Warsaw's Old Town, inscribed in 1981 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In the square there are several polish landmarks, such as the Zygmunt's Column (left side of card) and the Royal Castle (right side of card) and the Patrican Houses.

I adore the colors in the card. It seems like a wonderful place to visit, especially for someone who adores History, like me.
Source: Wikipedia.


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  2. Stunning! Poland is so under-rated as a destination. It really has some breath-taking places, as this card proves. Beautiful blog.


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