Sunday, 21 December 2008

Os Imigrantes - Domingos Rebelo

Of all the amazing stamps I have in my collection, this is probably my favourite. It was issued in 1999 by the CTT (Portuguese Postal Services) and depicts a painting named “Os Imigrantes”, painted by the Azorean painter Domingos Rebelo.

Domingos Rebelo, born in the city of Ponta Delgada, S. Miguel Island, in 1891, was a professor and a painter. He exhibited his first painting when he was only 13 years old. When he was 15 years old, due to his talent, and with the support of many people, he left the island to study in Paris, where he remained for six years. After returning to the island and marrying, he worked for thirty years in the same school where he studied, which today is named after him. In 1942, he settled in Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, doing several murals and paintings and getting involved in the National Arts Academy. He eventually died in that city in 1975.

He was a deeply religious person and gave a lot of importance to family and religion. Through out his life, he was always interested in helping and orientating young Azorean painters. He had a big impact in Azorean culture and Art, becoming the most known Azorean artist of all times.

Os Imigrantes (The immigrants) is his best known piece. It was painted in 1926 and shows local people in Ponta Delgada’s Harbour, waiting to leave the island and immigrate to other places in the world. It is considered a regionalist themed painting, because of its details: the traditional Azorean clothes, the Azorean guitar and the small frame next to the woman (it shows an image of Saint Christ of Miracles, a very important religious devotion in the islands).
I think it’s a remarkable painting, done by a remarkable painter.

Source: Wikipedia.

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