Wednesday, 3 December 2008


A week ago, my best friend brought me a stack of postcards. He lives in the mainland (in Lisbon) and is here for the Holydays. Among all the great cards he brought me, there was this awesome one. He visited the site and because he knows I love History he thought I might like this card. Well, he was right.

It shows the Fort of Almeida, located in the town of Almeida, in the border with Spain. It was built in the 17th century and it’s a star fort, built in Vauban style. The Fort is a National Monument since 1927.

I had never heard of it until my friend gave me the card – a fact I find unforgivable. How is it possible that such beautiful places are not known by the public?

Source: Wikipedia.


  1. Sometimes we never stop to look around us and see the abounding history right in our own backyard.

  2. Yes my friend, until I went there, I never heard about Almeida, but it´s a great fort, a good example of portuguese military history!!!

  3. E porque fica no meu distrito, conheço bem Almeida, já lá fui algumas vezes. Curiosamente, nunca lá comprei postais mas apesar disso tenho 2 de lá.
    Os postais são uma bela maneira de aprendar coisas. Se os professores de história e geografia utilizassem postais nas suas aulas, acho que os alunos iriam gostar e aprender melhor. Ou será que isto só funciona connosco, que somos viciados em postais? :P

  4. LOL Se calhar era uma boa ideia... eu odiava Geografia, por isso se calhar tinha sido uma forma de despertar o meu interesse.

  5. Também concordo que umas boas aulas de geografia e de história com fotografias e postais, eram capazes de chamar mais a atenção dos alunos!!

  6. Wow - that's really interesting to know. I am a Filipino (from the Philippines) and my surname, Almeida, never fails to catch the attention of most of my colleagues. They thought I am Portuguese or Brazilian. Actually, when Spain colonised the Philippines, the Spanish rulers forced the natives to abandon their native names and use Spanish names. I didn't know that a place called Almeida ever exists :)


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