Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Fajãzinha - Flores Island

It was almost a year ago, that a waterspout caused floods on several places in the northen side of Terceira Island. My family and I were one of the families afected by it, one among many others. I remember feeling helpless and scared, not knowing what to do do next.

That is why this recent tragedy in Fajãzinha, a small village in Flores Island, touched something deep inside me. Because the images that I see in the news are very similar to the ones I witnessed last year.

So, I am asking for your help. Please, specially in this amazing time of year, help those who lost everything, those who saw their lifetime belongings disapear in seconds, those who only have left the shock and sadness. Help, because if we dont´t help each others what will happen? Help, so that these people know they are not alone.

Here is the data to those of you who might whant or can contribute.

BANIF NIB 003800005071886530109
IBAN PT50003800005071886530109
SWIFT ( BNIFPTPL) Junta Freguesia Fajãzinha

To facilitate City Hall's task, I also leave you the e-mail to wich you should send your data after the transfer, you should send your name, address and amount to solidariosfajazinha@sapo.pt

Thanks to all!

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