Sunday, 21 February 2010

Cathastrophe in Madeira Island

After the events of last December in Terceira Island, Azores, we all thought that bad weather was behind us.
Well, we were wrong and shocked to see what happened yesterday in Madeira Island, another portuguese archipelago. We stood in shock watching the images of unimaginable destruction in one of the most beautiful places in Portugal. We saw our hearts skip a beat as the numbers of victim were being disclosured and actualized, hour after hour. Nothing can prepare us for such a cathastrophe. Streets turned in to rivers, houses in to pieces, tunnels in to brooks.
Unimaginable. Unthinkable. Unbeliveble.
Funchal, the main city, was transformed into a set of a horror movie. Places like Ribeira Brava e Câmara de Lobos suffered great destruction. There are places that are still isolated, like Curral de Freiras, a village hidden deep in the island, in a vulcanic crater, surrounded by high mountains. No one is sure about the fates of those who live there. We, portuguese, are all shocked. There are no words to descrive, not yeat. I leave here a few images of the cathastrophe and ask you all to find in your hearts the will to hope for better days.



  1. This hasn't even been on the radar in the US; the focus continues to be Haiti.

  2. I was horrified to read and hear about this disaster. It was particularly shocking fro me because on Friday I had posted two vintage postcards from Madeira.

  3. This is shocking. I hope things are better now on Madeira and the people are recovering. I love your blog. Your island sounds absolutely enchanting!


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