Friday, 17 April 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday - 25th of April Bridge

I have a big fascination with bridges. I find them beautiful, a symbol of human ingenuity and strenght.

I particularly like this black and white postcard of the 25th of April Bridge, built in 1966, over the river Tagus, in Lisbon, Portugal's capital.

Its construction was completed 6 months ahead of schedule and its original name was Salazar Bridge, named so in honour of António Salazar, Portugal's Prime Minister and dictator for over 30 years. He founded and led the "Estado Novo", the authoritan, right-wing government that presided over the country from 1932 to 1974.

After the revolution, in 25th of April of 1974, its name was changed to 25th of April Bridge.
When it was inaugurated, it was the 5th largest suspension bridge in the World and the 1st outside of the USA. Nowdays, it stands in 66th place in the World ranking, but it's the highest bridge in Europe.

This wonderful card was sent to me from moonwolf.

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  1. Another cloud topper ... I love shots like this .. and it makes the perfect postcard to send home!

  2. Terrific image! I find bridges to be fascinating, as well... but I'm terrified to be on one, regardless of size...
    Your blog is great... Thanks very much for sharing...

    April ~ AUTISM Awareness Month~

  3. I love bridge pictures! This one is great!

  4. WOW! I love the view! Its just stunning!! And those clouds give me such a great atmosphere!
    Great card definitely!

  5. I love the view, but it makes me dizzy.I wouldn't want to be the photographer! Beautiful picture.

  6. It has such a mystical quality to it! It's quite mesmerizing! Happy PFF§

  7. Very magical image - disappearing into the clouds! Happy PFF!

  8. That is amazing photography! I wonder if the photographer was just in the right place at the right time to get this shot or if he planned and waited for it.

    We used to cross an old bridge on the way to my son's. I always wanted to take pictures, but there is no good place to pull over to do so. Finally, I just started taking pictures out of the front window as I drove across. They actually turned out pretty good.

  9. Simply amazing!
    The clouds enveloping the bridge adds a dreamy/mystery to the postcard :)

    Postcards Crossing

  10. What a sight !!
    happy PFF ;)

  11. Quite the vantage points; the results were worth the climb.

  12. Wow I love the view.
    Happy Postcard Friendship Friday.
    I am so glad you are sharing such delightful treasures .
    What a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the world of travel,via friendships,and a postcard too !
    What could be better ?
    Thank you for the lovely view today.
    Have a fabulous weekend.


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