Saturday, 22 November 2008

Mistery Bridge

This beautiful bridge card, sent from Japan by lovelypostcard24, shows an incredible bridge spanning the Mississippi river, the second largest river in USA. Now, the question is which bridge?

The card doesn’t have much information and calls it the Mississippi River Bridge. A little online investigation revealed that there at least 21 bridges over the Mississippi River and none are called that. After seeing many, many photos, I narrowed it down to three possibilities: the Black Hawk Bridge, the Savannah-Sabula Bridge and the Crescent City Connection. But I am still unsure of which one it actually is! Can anyone help me? :)


  1. Hi Marcia! I hopped from Sheila's postcard blog. It is nice to see your collection of postcards. I've not been around postcrossing lately so I miss the cards coming in. But I hope to be back soon.

  2. Hi Marcia!
    I shall try to find such PC here in St.Petersburg and send it to you. Regards,


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